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sketch for interior decor


  • Designing all-inclusive interior design and décor solutions for retail
  • Working from sketches or designs to ensure efficient sign production
  • Developing new branding concepts that advance your marketing

Everybody benefits from a little design help sometimes. Federal Heath offers assistance for designing everything from simple signage to innovative retail interiors.

Sign Design

Consult with us about making the most of your signs with the right shapes, sizes, patterns, colors, fonts, illumination and more.

For some companies we simply translate your developed artwork into the language our plants require to produce your design. Other companies need significantly more help, beginning with concepts then building to final designs and specifications. Some companies even call on us to help create a brand identity they use across their entire organization.

Interior Design and Décor

Let us help you build a great customer journey through your store.  We offer professional services that account for consumer behavior, your functional requirements, and brand-consistent aesthetics to get the most out of your space through:

Discovery – You talk, we listen, and we dig deeper until we know your vision, customer flow, and workspace needs inside out.

Design – We bring fresh, informed concepts for collaborative response and refinement, moving from sketches to 3D renderings.

Development – Concepts move into producible schematics that nail down details for the concept.

Delivery – Our project managers make it all happen: Planning, ordering, manufacturing, installation. Everything!